Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Quinn Graduated from the Masters in Fine Art programme, University of Ulster in 2009. Now a long time Londoner.

Primarily known for his intricately composed collage work often depicting apocalyptic and humorous narratives, Quinn is also prolific street photographer with both practices forging tendencies towards surreal dystopias and opposing juxtapositions. 

His work has been seen alongside names such as Damien Hirst and Sarah Lucas at Tate Britain. Been shown at the National Portrait gallery, the renowned Royal Academy and is a regular exhibitor in Londons art scene. Quinn has also been showing his work overseas: New York in 2009, Frankfurt in 2014 and the ARC Gallery in Chicago for the “I can’t breathe” exhibition.

Describing his work Quinn says “It’s a big melting pot where everything informs the other; a collage of inspiration, style, backgrounds. Most of my ideas strand from science and to date I think one of the coolest things I have done was to have had my DNA tested and printed as a portrait for The National Portrait Gallery”.