Versus Arts Group show. London

– 'Summer Show 2022' The Royal Academy, London.
– Art on a Postcard group auction, London.


– ‘Choose Love’ Leontia Gallery, London.
Secret-7 exhibition. NOW Gallery, London.
'Fermata' 3D Online solo exhibition.

– Art on a postcard, London.
– Can I get a slice? Atom Gallery, London.

Total eclipse of the art. Curious Duke Gallery, London.

Grand Salon. Greenpoint Gallery, New York.
Tomorrows World. Atom Gallery, London.
Public video art, Shoreditch Digital Canvas, London.
Secret-7 exhibition. The Jetty, London.
Pavement Licker. Helium, London.
Art on a postcard. London.

– ‘Once Upon A Tomorrow’ Solo show. Curious Duke Gallery, London.
– ‘New Dawn’ Leontia Gallery & PingHub International, London.
– ‘Art at the Arms Fair’ Set Space, London.
– ‘Parody and Art’ The Exhibitionist Hotel. Attollo Art, London.
– ‘Brave New World’ Leontia Gallery, London.
– ‘Photography on a Postcard’ Print Space Gallery, London.
– ‘Solar Visions’ Solo show. Leontia Gallery, London.
– ‘Tomorrow’s World’ Atom Gallery, London.
– ‘Art on a Postcard’ Unit London, London.
– ‘Nuclear Winter Wonderland‘ Leontia Gallery, London.
– Culture Label Christmas Pop-Up at Palm Tree Gallery, London.


– Art on a postcard. Maddox Gallery, London.
‘Firmament’ Unit G Gallery, London.
– 'Brave New World' Leontia Gallery, London.
– ArtAttack London Fashion Week show at The Apartment, London.
– Culture Label launch at WeWork, London.
‘Rewind Tomorrow’ Solo show. Hoxton Basement Gallery, London.
‘3 minutes to Midnight’ Solo show. Walthamstow Window Gallery, London.


‘I can’t breathe’ ARC Gallery, Chicago.
‘Art on a postcard’ The Soho Revue, London.
‘ART from the Heart’ at The Vanderbilt Republic, Gowanus Loft, New York.
‘Your Art, Our Walls’ The Guardian Building, Kings Place. London.
‘X’ at Creative Debuts/ WeWorkLnd, London.
‘House of Tigers’ A-Side B-Side Gallery, London.
‘Legend Of the Deep’ billboard at OFFM public art panels, Frankfurt.
‘WORK’ at Aside Bside Gallery, London.
‘Showcase V’ Creative Debuts, London.
‘12/12’ at ArtFix Gallery, London.
‘Rainbow Merchant’ at Schwartz Gallery, London.


“iPhone 5ecrets” Slideluck at Photoville, New York.
– Video installation.The Gallery - Shanghai, China.
– Source display collage exhibition. TATE Britain, London.
‘Fete worse than Death’ RED Gallery, London.
– Hackney Downs Group show A-Side B-Side Gallery, London.
– The Affordable Art Fair with James Freeman gallery, London.


– The Hoxton gallery with Made in Shoreditch magazine, London.
– The Russet “SevenEleven” exhibition, London.
– James Freeman gallery “On Paper” exhibition, London.
– Dalston Superstore “Cut & Paste” group exhibition, London.
– The Print Space at Hackney Downs Village open day, London.
– The Other Art Fair with Jester Jacques Gallery, London.
– London Art Fair with Salon Vert/ Anna Lapshina, London.


– Cultivate gallery, Vyner street, London.
– ‘Street light through tree’ Photo, 100 Curators Collection {Nina Miall}, Saatchi online.
– Circle collage, 100 Curators Collection {Alexie Glass-Kantor}, Saatchi online.
– OFFSET, Little green gallery, Dublin.
– In-store exhibition at Covent Garden Urban Outfitters, London.


– ‘Sibling Rivalry’ Installation – Belfast Culture Night, Belfast.
– ‘Ormeau mist’ – Mad gallery, Photo Ireland, Dublin.


– Street photography on the street. Brick Lane, London.
– ‘Fish & chips’ Photo – Regent street exhibition, London.


– ‘Web cam people’ video installation – Aviate NYC, The Knitting factory, New York.
– NY street shots – Trampoline house, New York.
– ‘DNA self portrait’ – Self portrait UK – The National portrait gallery, London.
– ‘Ways of seeing’ {solo exhibition} – The Waterfront hall, Belfast.